I currently reside in Queens, NY with my wife, a NYC school teacher.  We also spend quite a bit of time in Asbury Park, NJ.  I've lived a lot of places and have come to discover, whether I'm living in a small place like Brookings, SD or a medium sized place like Portland, OR or even a giant place like NYC, there is some part of the place that stays with me.  Usually it is a food memory!  While Kansas City wasn't quite a good fit for me as a place to call home, I do have amazingly detailed and vivid memories of some of the meals I ate there: vegetarian chili at Otto's; some weird chicken place in a house in Kansas City, Kansas where we were served family style; uhm...and I will never forget the hot dog delivered by a miniature train at Fritz's in KCK.  And that's just Kansas, don't get me started on Minneapolis.

I work as a librarian at a private school in Manhattan.

The above painting is a self portrait with my dog, Henry.